Corporate Philosophy

RioToRe’s management philosophy is to “contribute to society through the spread of preventive medicine”, and we will evaluate each person’s body in detail and provide high-quality “fully tailor-made training and body care” services suitable for each person by visiting the customer’s home or office.

Experienced specialized trainers visit and provide “tailor-made training and body care” which is based on medical knowledge and skills to the customers from all ages including healthy people, athletes, and people with disabilities.



After obtaining a nationally qualified physiotherapist license, had been working at the rehabilitation hospital for four years.
Be in charge of rehabilitation for a wide range of cases, including neurological and orthopedic diseases.

While going to Australia and attending a trainer training school,
Also work as a shiatsu massage therapist.

After returning to Japan, obtained an international license for Pilates, worked as a physiotherapist and personal trainer.


RioToRe’s concept

Evaluating posture and exercise patterns from knowledge and skills as a physiotherapist, extract problems, and provide workout and body care menus such stretching/ massage that are suitable for you.
By regularly evaluating posture and basic motor skills, we compare the initial evaluation with changes in the body and consider future menus with customers.


Who is the suitable person for RioToRe?

Losing weight

Getting a cool or beautiful body

Improving posture (Improvement for slouching, Bowlegs, etc)

Curing stiff shoulders and low back pain

Getting rid of chronic fatigue

People who do not want to take strict workout

Further improvement of competitive ability

Rehabilitate against to the aftereffects of injury and disability

Workout for prevention against injuries

Effects in combination with after-Body Care courses

(30 min: ¥3000)

Adjust the balance of the body by approaching the deep muscles that can not be stretched by yourself with the Myofascial release, stretching, massage!
Combined with training, it improves body distortion and encourages fatigue recovery.


1-time unit price

60min / 90min(60min Training+30min BodyCare)
General¥18,700 (60min) / ¥22,000(80min)
Senior¥18,700 (60min) / ¥22,000(80min)
Junior¥17,500 (50min) /               –


4/Month 60min / 80min(60min Workout+20min BodyCare)
General¥74,800 (60min) / ¥88,000(80min)
Senior¥74,800 (60min) / ¥88,000(80min)
Junior¥70,000 (50min) /                 –

*All of plan’s transportation  fee is free

*Admission fee : ¥22,000

*Available from 4 times per month

6/Month 60min / 90min(60min Workout+20min BodyCare)
General¥112,200 (60min) / ¥132,000(80min)
Senior¥112,200(60min) / ¥132,000(80min)
Junior¥105,000 (50min) /                   –

*All of plan’s transportation  fee is free

*Admission fee : ¥22,000

*Available from 4 times per month

Only for Customer who goes with 8times per month

~Secure your reservation with priority〜

8/Month 60min Workout+30min Free BodyCare

*All of plan’s transportation  fee is free

*Admission fee : ¥22,000

*Available from 4 times per month

Coupon for busy customer

8times¥164,000(1time unit price ¥20,500)
12times¥240,000(1time unit price ¥20,000)
16times¥312,000(1time unit price ¥19,500)
20times¥380,000(1time unit price ¥19,000)



¥6,000¥0 (First come first serve only )


Available area

■ Tokyo:
Meguro, Setagaya, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Minato, Chiyoda, Bunkyo, Adachi, Arakawa, Daitoh,Toyosu,Nakano,Suginami, Koto

■ Saitama:
Koshigaya, Sohka, Kasukabe, Yoshikawa, Misato, Kawaguchi,Urawa,Saitama

Please contact us to consult if you are out of these areas.